Re: Do deer eat cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Lynn Harrington am 26 Januar, 2004 um 07:24:50

Antwort auf: Re: Do deer eat cyps? von Paul P. Perakos am 25 Januar, 2004 um 18:12:29:

I was afraid of that. My mother's house is in New Hampshire- same problem. She actually gave up vegetable gardening- the deer jumped the fence & ate every single thing to the ground. The voles and woodchucks finished off all the roots...

This might be a serious problem with any reintroduction in areas where people don't hunt. Would the same plants come back if the deer population decreased? They think some cyps may live over 100 years. (For others- here in the US the deer population is much much higher than before colonization)


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