Re: Do deer eat cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 25 Januar, 2004 um 18:12:29

Antwort auf: Do deer eat cyps? von Lynn Harrington am 25 Januar, 2004 um 06:51:47:

In Connecticut, where I live, the deer population has exploded, and they do indeed eat Cyps. As a result, pubescens and acaule in the wild have been decimated by the lousy deer.

In my yard, I must protect the Cyps with wire baskets to save them from deer and I had to install a 7 foot deer fence to attempt to keep them out.

If the deer porblem wasn't bad enough, a recent vole invasion resulted in the loss of many Cyps.

It's a never ending battle....



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