Re: Cyp. acaule in an artificial bog

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Abgeschickt von Lynn Harrington am 24 Januar, 2004 um 10:19:47

Antwort auf: Cyp. acaule in an artificial bog von Gerhard Raschun am 21 Oktober, 2003 um 23:59:00:


There were C. acaule growing wild behind our house in New Hampshire when I was a child. They grew on slight dips on slopes about 20 to 50 feet away from the high water mark of a swamp in the dappled shade of pine and birch trees. I never saw them in the swamp itself or on any of the very small islands in the swamp. They were on dry land. There was a thick layer of moist rotted pine needles there. The soil was usually at least slightly damp an inch or so below the surface even in the summer.

Your plants look very healthy and happy & it looks like you are doing the right thing for them. I'm surprized to see them in moss instead of pine needles, but they look like they are doing well and perhaps acaule grows in moss in other places. Is the soil acid enough?

-Lynn H


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