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Abgeschickt von Einion Hughes am 08 Januar, 2004 um 20:09:36

Antwort auf: Re: compost von Anthony Darby am 07 Januar, 2004 um 20:21:15:

Would a similar combination be suitable for outdoor cultivation? I've ordered two Cypripedium plants from a reputable UK nursery (pubescens and 'Gisela') and I intend planting them in my front garden, on the north side of my house. The soil is moist but it does need to be opened up; it's a medium clay. I was planning on buying some seramis, but further advice to a complete novice would be very welcome. Slightly off-topic: how serious is slug damage to these plants? I have a large population of snails in my garden...

Einion Hughes,


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