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Abgeschickt von David Harrap am 06 Januar, 2004 um 18:14:56

Hi there,

I'm a relative beginner in the culture of Cyps, having succesfully grown a Cyp. reginae for a single season. It currently got a fat bud and I'm hoping it will flower this year. I have ordered 2 near flowering size Cyp hybrids which should arrive in the next couple of weeks ('Ulla Silkens' and 'Philipp') and I would like to know more about growing mediums.

I will be growing them in pots as my garden is unsuitable. I gather that large pots are best to reduce the variation in conditions.What size?

The reginae is in an open bark and perlite mix which I would like to replace, as I know bark can degrade fairly quickly. I can get perlite, hypoleuca, seramis and John Innes composts fairly easily locally. Can anyone recommend a suitable mix for these plants?

Many thanks,
David (in the UK)


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