Re: timing of sowing- season

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 28 November, 2003 um 10:26:54

Antwort auf: timing of sowing- season von Lynn Harrington am 28 November, 2003 um 01:11:42:

Hi Lynn;

Go ahead and sow them now! A longer growing season won´t hurt and some Cyps tend to wait a while until they germinate. My opinion is that you can start sowing any time you want. If the seedlings aren´t big enough to be deflask when you want them to, you can leave them in flask for another year. But if you want to time it so that they are ready next October/November: sow them now! The longer they can grow the bigger and the stronger they´ll be and their chances of surviving their first season in soil will rise. I have already started sowing in September (but will continue to sow until Feb).

Happy sowing!



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