Re: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ?

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 09 Mai, 2000 um 23:06:37

Antwort auf: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ? von Giulio Farinelli am 09 Mai, 2000 um 14:54:54:

Hi Giulio;

you wrote;

: I'm on the first year for cyp's growing. I buy few plants at a local vendor that imported them from Japan. Only one plant bloom this year ... and is the only unlabeled.
: I think is an hybrid (natural or artificial i don't know) ... like x ventricosum or Aki or Gisela.

From the photos it appears to be exactly as you suspect. If it's naturally occurring it is likely X Ventricosum from it's appearance, and Gisela if grown in the lab. I am inclined to call pink forms of X Ventricosum, form barbeyii to distinguish them from other color forms of their brethern. I suspect it originated naturally in China and was imported to Japan and thence onward to you. However, there is nearly as good a chance that it was lab grown in Japan. So knowing the dealer would likely tell something about it's origins, as some dealers in Japan do not grow from seed themselves at all. Hope this helps.



Victoria BC