Re: Sedge Peat

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Abgeschickt von Anthony Darby am 20 November, 2003 um 17:35:53

Antwort auf: Re: Sedge Peat von Seb Blaszko am 20 November, 2003 um 15:56:32:

Hi Gerhard & Seb

Cribb & Bailes ("Hardy Orchids") say of sedge peats [they] "tend to decay very rapidly, so should be avoided unless there are no alternatives". Cribb ("The Genus Cypripedium") says that "peat plays a minor role in Cypripedium cultivation because it is too water retentive.......the peat usually decomposes rapidly in open mixes and holds too much water, hence it can do more harm thab good." He recommends rotton wood, bark or even sawdust "in moderate amounts ........[as long as] it is only used as a minor component in composts."


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