Re: Info on cultivation of Cypripedium fasciculatum

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 01 November, 2003 um 10:13:56

Antwort auf: Info on cultivation of Cypripedium fasciculatum von Oliver Hughes am 31 Oktober, 2003 um 21:26:17:

Hi Oliver;

well Cyp. fasciculatum is definitley one of the more dificult Cypripediums!!! I do not know how experienced you are in growing Cyps but if you are a beginner I would advice strongly against trying this species. I have seen it die under the care of very experienced and dedicated growers and have killed five seedlings myself last year...

That beeing said I can tell you the following: Fasciculatum preferred a slightly acidic medium under my care. I plant them out of flask in my standart seedling mix which contains of seramis, lava and perlite. But I mix in a portion of Canuma which is a pumice-like yellow stuff that is used for azalleas in bonsi culture and has an acidic pH. fasciculatum like very fast drainage and is used to a short growing season and a very hot and dry summer (for Cypripediums...) afterwards. So if they die down early that is normal. After that it gets really dificult as you have to keep the growth medium dry but not too dry. The plants I killed rotted from to much water. I do not know how cold (and especially wet!) the winters are where you live so I can´t tell you much about growing them outside there and I haven´t tried cultivating fasciculatum outside yet. But with the seedlings you´ll recieve you should not attempt it anyway. Keep them just frost-free for at least the first twp or thee winters.

In short: if you are just starting to grow Cypripedium seedlings fasciculatum are a sure way to get frustrated, but if you have already tried easier species and want to try them: I have ordered seedlings from crustacare before and I got really nice quality seedlings from them. If you have further questions do not hestitate to contact me.

Good luck!!



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