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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 30 Oktober, 2003 um 05:26:30:

Just a brief update.

The sichuanense which had lost its buds and did not emerge this year, has regenerated two new buds. I am in the process of building new tree root proof beds, so I lifted and checked it and those other Trigs which had been devastated by the rainy cool spring. Of five which had bud rot, four have regenerated new buds. So all is not lost when it appears that way. Hopefully the micranthum colony will also recover to its former size this coming spring, as they were diminished in number for the same reasons of wet.

Well established plants obviously can overcome situations that a new division would not, so one should not prematurely make negative assumptions about their demise or ability to recover.

I can hardly wait for spring to see if any of them develop flowers from this regenerative rest below ground, or if they will wait a few years to bloom again. I once received a henryi which I thought had died. It simply rested a year and half below ground and when it came up, it was a large biflora stalk. The more one lives with these wonders of the woods, the more they learn and are amazed.



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