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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 07 Mai, 2000 um 18:37:36

Antwort auf: Re: more on C. regiane albolabium von Peter Corkhill am 28 April, 2000 um 22:31:11:

Hi Peter;

As we have discussed privately, it remains to be seen whether or not albolabium is sterile and whether or not there is an unstable white form. I have had reports from a number of correspondants who reported an true alba form, only to note later that it did not consistantly sustain it's purity of form and found that it altered from year to year, back and forth between white and less than white. These were observations on different cultivated plants apparently planted in stable locations but which endured different springtime conditions. So it may be that light is the trigger, or as previously hypothesized, that it is heat, or as yet some undetermined factor. I do know that my own do not go through this change and some are shaded plants and others are exposed to a lot of sun. As I do not have the thousands to study which Bill (Steele) has as study group, my observations are limited. However, I have observed Calypso (variety occidentalis) in large numbers over the years and note that a true alba form is extremely rare, (2 noted) and that occassionally aberant partially white forms (3 noted) also occur. The latter have light light pink coloration within the white whereas the pure form is a shining white. I would suspect that the same is likely true with reginae (that there are different aberant forms) and that unless one collects seed from a true albolabium themself, and germinates it, that the possiblility of if being reported sterile, is possibly true. I only say this as I have had reports of the white form altered at later dates to indicate it is not stable. Seed collected at the time of the first report would obviously be sent as albolabium. The test will like be in the pudding.