Deflasked seedlings for sale

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 30 September, 2003 um 20:37:23

I have been growing Cypripediums from seed since 1993 now and was inspired to try following a visit to Svante Malmgren in Sweden. At that time my interest was professional as I was involved with English Nature's Species Recovery project to reinforce the wild population of C. calceolus in Britain. I took to growing Cyps from seed at home in order to have a ready source of seedlings on which to experiment with different weaning and growing methods. I am retired now but still producing seedlings (being quite hooked on the genus) both for my own pleasure and for a recovery project for C. calceolus in Switzerland.

I get seeds from my own plants, some of which are grown from micropropagated seedlings themselves, and from friends in countries where they grow. Each year I have a small surplus of newly deflasked seedlings and a few older seedlings (all guaranteed grown by myself), so if you are interested in what is currently available send me a message for a list.

Peter Corkhill



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