Re: Legal Chinese Cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 24 September, 2003 um 19:43:04

Antwort auf: Re: Legal Chinese Cyps? von Greg Warner am 24 September, 2003 um 00:05:58:

Hi Greg,

Please take into consideration that there might be a difference between "seed propagated" and "advertised as seed propagated", between plants on the list and plants available for sale. If all the plants which are sold as artificially propagated were really raised from seed, the prices would be lower and the availability better. Furthermore the mortality of adult plants would be lower if they all would derive from cultivated stocks.

The percentage of artificially propagated plants on the market is rising. However I assume it to be still pretty low. Poached rhizomes can be recognized by their short, cut roots. Plants from cultivation have intact roots of full length including the root tip. I can't think of a reason to cut the roots of a Cyp except that they are strongly rooted into the natural soil and interwoven with the roots of the surrounding vegetation. That's why you often can find dark roots of other plants between the roots of Cyps from the wild. The cut roots are the reason why so many poached plants die within the first year: The short remainings of the former root system (e.g. with Cyp. reginae the roots can be more than 80 cm long!) are not capable to sustain the big shoot which emerges from the strong shoot bud (which was developed when the root system was still large).



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