Re: Legal Chinese Cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Greg Warner am 24 September, 2003 um 00:05:58:

Antwort auf: Legal Chinese Cyps? von Tom Velardi am 21 September, 2003 um 14:02:53:

There are several places where you can order most Cyp. species including Chinese types, here in Canada. They are advertised as seed propagated and have been available for a number of years. They are available as in flask, seedling, or blooming size. I have been growing and photographing Cyps. native to my area for years. I am always upset when I find holes where Cyps. grew previously. As long as these plants are so rarely offered for sale and at high prices, thieves will poach them. I began flasking native Cyps. from plants which grow on my property and hope others will do the same. Purchase only seed raised plants from reputable growers, or better yet seedlings in flask. As far as where the seed initially came from and by what means..? Can't answer that one. I can only suggest that one obtain plants from fellow growers, and reputable companies. Propagate/hybridize, increase availability and decrease prices. When we see them available in large numbers at garden centers etc. the temptation of digging and poaching will fade. It was through large scale flasking that once rare tropical orchids like Paph sanderianum are now readily available. As such, there is no longer a large demand for these plants to be illegally obtained. Tough topic, no easy answer.


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