Re: "damping off" - Verticillium - symptoms

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 05 Mai, 2000 um 07:36:47

Antwort auf: Re: "damping off" - Verticillium von Alastair Robinson am 01 Mai, 2000 um 11:24:32:

:And, if so, was it especially rapid?
: Infected plants will often (and literally) keel over in a relatively short space of time when infected by vascular-wilts. Perhaps you can be the best judge of this.

Yes! it happens literally overnight. A healthy looking shoot is just flat on the compost next morning - it still looks totally ok but just pulls away below surface level from the root section. On examination there is a constricted brown area just where it leaves the crown. I thought at the time that the Botrytis was a secondary infection invading after the shoot had fallen.

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