Re: Legal Chinese Cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 22 September, 2003 um 07:51:56

Antwort auf: Legal Chinese Cyps? von Tom Velardi am 21 September, 2003 um 14:02:53:

Hi Tom!

Legal plants of these species might come available when Cyps are collected from Asia with needed permissions, of course. I beliewe that these collecting expeditions are guite rarely done, but other members of this forum can tell you more about this as I have written almost everything I know about this subject ;)

I would myself also consider plants grown from seed from illegally collected plants as ethical even if not perfectly legal (?), especially if it is a 3. generation in culture, presuming that the grower has not bought these plants in order to make them bloom and seed. Even if we can't just accept the fact that wild collection happens, it is important that seeds from these plants will be sown. After all, if the wild population disappear, we will still have the species existing in cultivation.



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