Legal Chinese Cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 21 September, 2003 um 14:02:53

Given all that has been written about this topic in the past on this forum, a basic question remains: are there any legal plants available of the Chinese species? Certainly many people are growing and even hybridizing them, so where did these plants come from?

I recently secured a catalog from a large mail order business here in Japan and my mouth dropped open when I saw what they had available: C. fasciolatum, C. farreri, C. bardophianum, C. flavum, C. ventricosum, C. wardii, C. plectrochilum, etc. The descriptions read for instance, "rare and we only have a few, so order early!" or "we don't know what color the flower will be (C. flavum, C. tibeticum, and C. ventricosum) until it blooms" or "easy to grow" (C. farreri and C. wardii), and so on. Obviously these plants are collected and distributed by this company. In all probability they're being removed from the wild as I type these words.

Finally, what chance do the rarer species have to survive in the wild given the collecting pressure on them? I'm specifically wondering about the spotted leaf species, C. fasciolatum, C. farreri, and C. wardii.

Any comments or did I just stir up the hornet's nest?


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