Growing Cyp. 'Aki' and 'Philipp' (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 09 September, 2003 um 07:55:08

This past fall, I was lucky to receive a Cypripedium 'Philipp' and 'Aki' before their wide spread availability this year.

I am happy to report that these two new hybrids have been as easy to grow as 'Gisela' in the exact same conditions. I planted the 'Aki' and 'Philipp' (with two new 'Gisela') in a raised bed in a mix of tropical orchid mix, potting soil, perlite, and woodland soil (20%, 50%, 10%, 20%, respectively). Both plants survived a very difficult year for weather (very wet summer) in extremely good condition each with a large new bud in place for 2004 and strong new roots. The 'Philipp' blossomed for me this year (see photo). Its flower is so large that it had to be staked to keep it upright!

Both plants require the same attention as 'Gisela': to be kept moist and fertilized, other than that they were very easy to grow.

Of note, they like to be planted shallow, about a half inch of soil over the crown but mulch well to protect over the winter.




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