Re: "damping off" - Verticillium

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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 01 Mai, 2000 um 11:24:32

Antwort auf: Re: "damping off" - Verticillium von Peter Corkhill am 29 April, 2000 um 11:28:34:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for appending that - I am naturally very curious as to which organism caused the death of the material in question. I have only ever had Botrytis attack damp and dead material in my collection, and then it only ever effects living plants if they are damaged (especially bog species), but no orchids so far.
The Verticillium *seems* less likely the candidate given its usual host range, but that doesn't mean it can be so easily dismissed. Were you able to observe the decline of the plant in question? And, if so, was it especially rapid?
Infected plants will often (and literally) keel over in a relatively short space of time when infected by vascular-wilts. Perhaps you can be the best judge of this.

Warmest regards,