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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 24 August, 2003 um 22:42:58

Antwort auf: Re: Hybrids von Michael Weinert am 24 August, 2003 um 07:54:18:

Dear Victor,

Like the earlier contributors, by hybridizing I have been trying to produce attractively flowered plants that will cultivate more easily than the species from which they were derived (because of selection and hybrid vigor). There is also the excitement of producing something new for the first time and the long anticipation waiting for seedlings to flower and wondering what the flower will be like. Although, what can be produced in practice will be governed by the availability of flowers and pollen, there is also sometimes some planning involved and a long term aim. For example, wouldn't it be nice to have a plant with a beautiful yellow flower like flavum which grows as well in the garden as the hybrid 'Ulla Silkens'? This is one of the things I am currently trying to do by back-crossing 'Ulla Silkens' with flavum, will it work? Ask again in 3 or 4 years time. Will it stop some growers always wanting to have the "genuine"species, well that is another much bigger question. Another important point is that a person producing hybrids is not going to be ever accused of stealing young plants from wild populations and falsely claiming they were propagated from seeds.

I would hate to think that we were all agreed to work to a master plan, we are individuals, artists painting the future with flowers!

Best wishes



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