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Abgeschickt von Carson E. Whitlow am 24 August, 2003 um 15:18:56

Antwort auf: Re: Hybrids von Michael Weinert am 24 August, 2003 um 07:54:18:

Michael is essentially correct in his response to this question. Here in the US and my area, I have conditions which allow me to grow certain species very well, but few of the Asian ones without making special beds and then only some of those succeed. On the East coast, conditions are more favorable for some of the others.

My goal has been to produce plants which are easy to grow in most parts of the US, since most of our plants seem to adapt to European conditions much more readily than the reverse. So, it is the "survival of the fittest" and the fittest will then be used for further breeding. Some, of course, must be grown in pots simply because our weather and conditions are too harsh, at least for the first generation.

We are still very much in the research phase of hybridizing. Some seed medias work wonderfully for some crosses but not for others. The Cyps seem to be very diverse and specific in their needs and we are still finding out what these are. Once we have seedlings, it is then a challenge to determine what soil media they will successfully grow in. At this point, the wider the cross, the more difficult for one to determine. We also seem to have some sterility and lethality barriers to overcome. Some hybrids may do okay in flask but do not continue to develop after removal. Some hybrids which we have just do not give seed for second and further generations.

All in all, we are making progress. If one considers that until 1987, NO artificial Cypripedum hybrids had been produced and brought to maturity, we have made considerable strides in the last 15 years.


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