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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 08 August, 2003 um 15:35:22

Antwort auf: Re: Subject of sun von Ray Jennings am 07 August, 2003 um 02:25:17:


On a similar note, I've seen colonies of C. acuale in New York State in old granite mines growing on tailing piles overgrown with black and grey birch. Some of the piles were very tall, up to 10 meters high, and provided excellent conditions for the cyps. I have never seen before or since more vigorous colonies of this species (I've observed this plant throughout much of its eastern range from the coastal plain of Virginia to coastal Maine and in the mountains as far south as Georgia). Many thousands of individual plants clustered themselves in relatively small areas and most were many growth clumps (the biggest one I can remember had around 20 growths, most with a flower).

The mines in question had been active about 30 years earlier so the colonies in question had to have grown in that short time frame. No doubt that C. acaule likes disturbed sites!

Please tell us more about your observations.

Tom Velardi


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