Re: Virus or disease on Cypripedium?

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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 07 August, 2003 um 17:25:36:

Antwort auf: Re: Virus or disease on Cypripedium? von Matti Niissalo am 07 August, 2003 um 11:34:38:

Matti, thank you for the references

The plants were not the same species but the leaves were similar to the striped plant in the last reference (619.html): hopefully it's not a virus or similar affliction that will spread to other clumps. Fortunately, this is very isolated location and Nature can take care of herself.

I usually hike into this area (about 8 kms off a remote road) once or twice a year. The small lake is a former glacial tarn. The water is very cold which makes excellent habitat for the cutthroat trout. The orchids are thickest in the areas surrounding the lake where the meltwaters accumulate in small depressions and warm up with the long, intense sunshine. Cyps weren'y in bloom. This time of year the orchids we saw in bloom were members of the genera Goodyera, Platanthera and Spiranthes... not sure of the species as they vary quite a bit throughout our mountains.


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