Virus or disease on Cypripedium?

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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 07 August, 2003 um 02:45:13

A friend and I hiked into a glacial lake to go fishing. We weren't really looking at the Ladyslippers as they had finished flowering the end of June.

One small patch of Cypripedium calceolus (parviflorum), however, caught my attention. The leaves were striped up and down the full length of the leaf. The stripes were about 2 cm wide and a silvery-white in colour. The patch had no more than a couple hundred individual plants but they were all the same. The thousands of other Cypripediums in the area were just the solid green. Hiking back to the road I also didn't see any similarly striped orchids even though we passed several thousand clumps.

Could this be a virus or some type of disease in these plants? The plants seemed healthy, seed heads forming, etc. I didn't detect any damage due to animals or fire or any other trauma. They were the same species as the other orchids in the area (only one species of cypripedium found in the area).

I've never seen any 'sick' orchids in the wild and these orchids were healthy other than this cosmetic affliction. Can a virus or disease cause this anomolous exterior appearance?


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