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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 07 August, 2003 um 02:25:17

Antwort auf: Subject of sun von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 02 August, 2003 um 18:09:00:

Darcy you write:
"Grassy/weedy Railway Right of Ways are a good example of this in Alberta, where I have seen colonies of cyps in full sun and happily doing very well."

This is a phenomenon that has intrigued me. Here in British Columbia, the Cypripediums have colonized the edges of the railway tracks (Canadian Pacific Line) from the Western border of Yoho Park all the way to Field, B.C. This is about 30 kms of track. They are prolific elsewhere in the area but the tracks go through a variety of terrains that were mostly forested at on time.

The same is found around Exshaw as you enter the Rocky Mountains just East of Banff. The orchids are lining the rail line. I'm not sure how they spread so quickly. At Exshaw there is a railway bridge and the orchids are on either side of the Bow River along the tracks they obviously didn't propagate vegetatively across the river.

Disturbed, exposed ground seems to be their prime areas for proliferation. If you ever are in Yoho, stop at Chancellor Peak and follow the old, discarded section of the Trans Canada Highway. The Slippers are now growing all along of the edge of the cracked asphalt.


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