Re: Growing Cyps in Kyushu, Japan

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Abgeschickt von Tetsuya Fukunaga am 30 Juli, 2003 um 17:31:30

Antwort auf: Growing Cyps in Kyushu, Japan von Tom Velardi am 24 Juli, 2003 um 14:07:55:

Hello Tom,

I live in Nagoya, Japan. We have similar climate. We have to grow Cyps in pots. The compost is Cryptomoss. It's made of Cryptomeria and Cypress bark (see photos below). If you use soil and sand, the roots getting rot in summer.

I send the Cyps wind by fan from Apr. to Oct.. And I use refrigerater for Cyp. guttatum and Cyp. yatabeanum from Nov. to Feb.. They need long cold term. But I keep other species and Cv. at north shade place. You can grow macranthos, speciosum, hotei-atsumorianum, rebunense, segawai, henry, candidum, parviflorum, pubescens, calceolus, reginae, flavum, etc.

You should better contact Mr. Mogami. His nursery is specialized in Cypripedium. You can get many information that you grow Cyps in warm area.
Minax Bio Farm Co., Ltd.

Kind regards

Tetsuya Fukunaga

This is a picture of Cyp. macranthos var. hotei-atsumorianum in a clay pot.

Second picture shows the compost, Cryptomoss and roots condition.

The roots without compost.



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