I don't agree with mostly sun.

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 29 Juli, 2003 um 16:53:15

Antwort auf: I agree with mostly sun. von Pete Treppit am 26 Juli, 2003 um 00:14:16:

I have no thoughts of what the American Cyps like from sun, but when you say that they would have once grown in more sunny places in Europe, it is not true. That I say from my own experience with the only widely spread European species, C. calceolus in the wild. In bogs, for example, they always grow under trees in even quite deep shade, never on open bogs, even although there can be only few meters (or some feets) distance from the Cypripediums to open areas. Only thing different in such small distance can be light - I am positive that there is no serious difference in water amount or in the soil where they grow. In drier sites, some Cyps can sometimes grow in more open situations and thrive there, if the plant does not grow on northern slope of a hill, the plants need some vegetation around them to survive. The other vegetation might be nothing more than grass that is as long as the Cyps, but its enough to bring lots of shade for the plant in hot weather. Even then, warm weather during flowering can cause dead tissue on the blooms. It also seems clear that when trees are cut close to large specimens of Cyps (that must have got optimum light before) this usually causes a death of the plant (might be that this is because there rarely is enough other vegetation near to Cyps in shady woods, what would you think?).

Only ONCE I have seen Cyps in a place that gets full sun in midday in an area that does not get shade from grasses. In this place, there were lots of Cyps, but they looked quite bad. Most plants had only a single stem with one flower, only some specimens had 2 stems. This place really was too light (well yes, also too dry and warm) for these plants, imagine Botrychiums and Cyps growing side-by-side! and even here, there was lots of bushes and young trees around too.

Of course, all these examples are from Finland, but our summers are usually not too sunny or hot (this summer might make an exception!), as the sun shines lower than in most of Europe. Perhaps some other Europeans have different experiences to share...



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