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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 29 April, 2000 um 09:24:29

Antwort auf: photo of C. "chenii" von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 08:39:38:

I wrote an e-mail to Gianantonio Torelli (torelli@trew.it) to ask for his comment about our discussion on C.chenii. This is what he answered:

"In the next days (when I'll find time) I'll answer in your forum, as at the present time I'm really busy.

About C. chenii, i still think it can be a species; but as I think that the subdivision in species is only our convenience, everybody is free to think what he or she wants. We name a plant or a animal only for understand each other on what we are talking about. We can call that plant C. chenii, C. x chenii, C. fasciolatum var. chenii, the important it that we understand each other that we are speaking about a plant from that population, that is growing in that region.

Anyway the difference from C. fasciolatum's type are obvious. And we must compare it with the type, otherwise we make invalid the rules on the Botanical nomenclature. If a population of plant B is largely different from the type A, we have to accept that this plant B is different from the plant A, at least at the variety rank.

But I don't want to enter in the taxonomist's arena: it is too crowded!!

yours sincerely


dott. Gianantonio Torelli, M.D."