I agree with mostly sun.

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Abgeschickt von Pete Treppit am 26 Juli, 2003 um 00:14:16

Antwort auf: Re: Doubts von Michael Weinert am 12 Juli, 2003 um 08:09:09:

Here in Regina, Saskatchewan the yellow ladyslippers grow in a lot of gardens. They prosper mostly in the full sun. I grow them in our perennial bed in which we also grow lilies and irises. The ones in dappled shade don't multiply as quickly. I'd have to say we get even more sunshine than anywhere in British Columbia and definitely less rain. Our rain is 17 inches a year.

Probably the big difference of experience is between in those found in a natural setting and those found in Europe. When I travelled to Europe I wasn't looking for orchids but noticed there wasn't any real natural environment left so there's probably not a good sense of where things grew before there were so many people. Maybe the orchids there in Europe only grow in the forest because every where else is disturbed ground.

In the north area we have the pink slippers and they grow in aspen and birch groves and not mostly out on the edges and in the open sunny fens like the yellow slippers.


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