Re: Dark root tips

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 24 Juli, 2003 um 15:33:37

Antwort auf: Dark root tips von François Pageau am 23 Juli, 2003 um 21:58:43:

Well, the root tips have died and the most likely cause is drying out at some stage over the past year. It could have been in transit as a dormant plant or more likely in a pot when hot/dry/windy conditions can suddenly cause free draining composts to dry out. The danger is that pathogens can now gain access to the plant through the dead tissue and might spread up the roots progressivly towards the crown. Assuming this doesn't happen the plant can survive and grow new roots but the recovery process may take years not weeks. To guess what might have gone wrong we would need to know a lot more about its cultivation history. These plants are tough - all is not yet lost, I would dip the roots in a fungicide and repot into a well drained but moisture retentive compost and plunge in semi shade for the rest of the growing season. Don't keep digging it up to check the roots, be patient.



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