Re: Trigonopedia observations

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 16 Juli, 2003 um 17:15:09:

Antwort auf: Re: Trigonopedia observations von Peter Corkhill am 15 Juli, 2003 um 18:31:13:

Hi Peter;

My information was incomplete as presented and certainly moisture up until bloom is what I meant (for all of you that can mind read). This alliance it seems, is more aversive to it than others, but as you note, in the wild it appears to survive a deluge. So I assume that sidehills and good drainage there are standard features. Perhaps also is the competition of other plants' root systems. Good drainage is, in any likihood, a prerequisite, and it is provided at my location for all cyps, as our weather is without snow, but with plenty of rain at a time when these plants in their dormancy, hate it. Any losses here are nearly always related to moisture and it's associated problems.

I cannot comment on the delayed effects of nitrogen, as it had not occurred to me. Needle fall here is the only ingredient added that I have no control over, and it is not excessive. It is unlike decaying deciduous leaves which likely would be more of a problem were my trees of this nature. I have used various fertilizers from liquid seaweed to water carried tomato, and will endevour to pay more attention to their possible delayed effects (as in the following year at emergence) rather than just observing for any irregularities during the growth cycle in which it was applied.




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