Re: Trigonopedia observations

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 15 Juli, 2003 um 18:31:13

Antwort auf: Trigonopedia observations von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 14 Juli, 2003 um 23:33:37:

That is an interesting thought that green leaves indicate the plant is unhappy! I saw a colony of forestii in Yunnan which had spotted and unspotted plants growing side by side and at the time thought this was just a genetic difference. However, when I first potted fargesii seedlings and lichiangense, a couple of years ago all the first leaves were unspotted. In their second year now, all the leaves show some spotting so I then thought the plain leaves were a feature of immaturity.

However, I was wondering if higher nitrogen levels caused plain leaves as the fertilizer in the second year has higher P and K proportionality and N causes lush green growth generally in plants. Could this be a feature of your plants cultivation I wonder - perhaps accumulating N from leaf decay or other natural source? Also I feel some doubt about the moisture theory on account of having seen lichiangense and margaritaceum growing (well spotted) in Yunnan which being in the monsoon area, receives daily rain and 100% humidity from about flowering time until Autumn when the deciduous trees start to turn. Of course their dormant winter period there is dry so perhaps it is the level of moisture in the early growth stages in Spring, up to and including flowering time which is critical and after that they can cope with anything the climate throws at them.



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