recipe of TGZ-L'

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 29 April, 2000 um 07:22:15

Antwort auf: TGZ formula von Victor Tanneur am 15 April, 2000 um 10:47:35:

I spoke to Ehrenfried Lucke in Hameln (Germany) who developed the formula of TGZ-SL (his e-mail address is He said that for commercial reasons the formula cannot be revealed. TGZ-SL is sold by Manfred Meyer, Eckenheimer Landstr. 334, D - 60435 Frankfurt, tel. +49 69 546552, fax +49 69 5483798.

Ehrenfried Lucke gave me the formula of a medium with different mixture but similar effects. It is called TGZ-L':

1 litre birch sap ("bleeding sap" from Betula spec., harvested just before leaves start to unfold in March or April)
0.2 g peptone from soya beans (Merck)
0.1 g yeast extract (Merck)
1.5 g activated charcoal powder
6 g agar

It is possible to use 250 ml coconut milk and 10 g sugar instead of birch sap.