Re: When to apply manure?

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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 07 Juli, 2003 um 17:19:13:

Antwort auf: Re: When to apply manure? von Holger Perner am 07 Juli, 2003 um 01:50:31:

Not lots of manure?! Our slippers in the wild are usually growing in open (full sun) meadows in wet to moist meadows. This is where the ungulates eat continuously because of other tender plants growing in the same environment. I don't know if you've ever walked behind a moose or a herd of elk, but rubber boots are a good idea. There are animal droppings covering everything. All the plants (including slippers) are much bigger in an area where the ungulate have spent the Summer and Fall foraging with their young.

I would think that many of your observations of cypripediums in the wild are from marginal, remnant populations or from Eastern North America which is forested. Our slipper populations are usually in unforested mountain meadows and wet to moist grassland environments. A meadow in the mountains is much sunnier, brighter and higher in ultra violet light than those anywhere in the Eastern part of North America.


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