Re: Another greenhouse question

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 07 Juli, 2003 um 16:48:09

Antwort auf: Another greenhouse question von Trevor Dines am 20 Juni, 2003 um 16:04:07:

Hallo Trevor,
converting a 'normal' greenhouse into a growing site for cypripediums is more difficult than to construct an open frame, which indeed would allow a much better temperature regime. And it makes protection from frost (in spring,when the flower buds are especially sensitive, but also the entire new shoot in case of a heavy late frost) or hail easy, just cover it for the period the hazard lasts.
The special greenhouse I constructed for my cypripediums was quite similar to a frame where you could walk in. You could also call it a cellar with a glass roof.



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