Esther has pink ladyslippers (C.acaule)

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 03 Juli, 2003 um 00:27:05

Antwort auf: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids von Esther Peirce am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:20:52:

(Esther was kind enough to e-mail me to let me know she has acaule.)

Hi Esther,

First of all, they are getting too much sun. They can take full sun but not for that long. Also, they love to grow under pine trees. They need extremely acid soil, pH of 4.5 or less. You can water them with water with 1 tbsp of apple cidar vinegar per gallon. That will keep them moist and the soil acidic.

If you have some white pines or other pine trees where other pinks grow, you might want to transplant them all to that location. Remember they are difficult plants to grow. Even naturally they sometime die or vanish with no reason. Keep them from drying out and the pH low.

Best wishes,



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