Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 02 Juli, 2003 um 15:10:03

Antwort auf: Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids von Esther Peirce am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:23:03:

Dear Esther,
It would really be helpful to know, whether these slipper orchids are yellow, than they are most likely Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens, or pink, than they are certainly Cyp. acaule. I wouldn't try to relocate Cyp. acaule, it is too easy to plant it in the wrong spot (pH above 4.5) which would kill them in a few years. With Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens replanting would be easier but giving them some protection with planting some shrub nearby so that they are protected from the sun at noon would perhaps be the better choice. If replanting I would do it during or just after flowering, because that's the time when the new roots start to grow. In autumn, the root system is developed and the plant cannot establish itself in the new environment but must wait until next season. Autumn and early spring are only the planting times for cypripediums in the trade, because dormant rhizomes are easily shipped.

Please let us know, what kind of slipper orchid you have (at least the flower color) and we cypripediots (the more severe form of orchidiots) can perhaps give some more hints on what to do with your seemingly unhappy fellows in the backyard.



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