Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:24:15

Antwort auf: Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids von Esther Peirce am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:23:03:

Dear Esther,

Thanks for your additional info and for taking care of these beautiful and endangered plants. There may be two factors which might negatively influence the flowering of the orchids: They receive too much light and the grass is a competitor for nutrients and water. You should think of means to have them shaded and protected from the midday heat and sun and you should take care that the grass around the orchids does not get too thick. You could even think of replanting them into a shadier place (in autumn). Some watering and fertilizing may be helpful, too. However it is less important on the natural location they have.

I hope this helps



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