Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids

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Abgeschickt von Esther Peirce am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:23:03

Antwort auf: Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids von Michael Weinert am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:21:36:

Dear Michael,

A bit more details to fill in the picture:

We originally had the lot (which had very dense, overgrown woods) thinned, with a plan to use the site to build a year 'round retirement.home. A year or two later, ready at last to go ahead with building plans, the orchids were found. Perhaps they were there all along, or perhaps opening up the woods allowed them to develop (?). Certainly, if they were there before the thinning took place, we didn't know it! It was as if we'd been especially blessed with this wonderful gift! Before the builders arrived, the plants were sturdily protected with fencing, and each new worker was shown where they were, and threatened severely should any damage occur! Meantime, we've found a few other plants (scattered and growing in a more shaded parts).

In any event, the trees were gone before I knew the orchids were there. They do get direct sunlight from midmorning till about midafternoon. One result of the changed environs is that a tough sort of grass is encroaching. I've pulled some of it away, but hesitate to do very much because of their reputation for being so difficult. In spite of my "benevolent neglect" policy, they've persisted amazingly!

If there's something conspicous I should do...e.g. water in dry spells? ...give a little feeding at some point? ...I would try to do it, but whatever, I don't want to harm or discourage them!

Thanks for your encouragement and response!

Best regards,



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