Re: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:21:36

Antwort auf: Care of wild lady's slipper orchids von Esther Peirce am 01 Juli, 2003 um 06:20:52:

Dear Esther,

It may be that the trees and bushes around this plant have become to large and dense so that the Cyps receive less light every year. This is a pretty likely reason for the declining number of flowers if the number of shoots remains the same or even increases from year to year. Then you just have to remove some branches (not all, Cyps like dappled shade and hate full sun at midday) and wait for the result. As Cyps are slow growers you might see a success not earlier than spring 2005. So be patient!

Good luck



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