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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 28 April, 2000 um 22:13:45

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. acaule von Michael Weinert am 27 April, 2000 um 09:50:47:

: Dear Glen,

A number of people in the USA have now managed to rear C. acaule seedlings to flowering sized plants. Bill Steele (Spange Creek Labs) has a picture on his web site of a seedling flowering in a 50% Perlite : 50% Sphagnum peat compost but you should also check out the web site of the Vermont Lady's Slipper Orchid Company where Scott Durkee shows impressive flats of flowering acaule reared in a mixture of wood chip and Sphagnum peat. Scott waters his plants with a mixture of rain water and Cider vinigar at the rate of 187 ml /litre of water (my conversion).

Scott writes:- “The Pink Lady Slipper media needs to be kept highly acidic (4 - 4.5 pH level). The growing media we have found to work well for us is: 50% commercial peat moss and 50% small wood chips. Wood chips can be any size from small to finely shredded in size. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, the Cypripedium acaule does not like to be kept wet so the wood chips should be replaced with a course sand that does not contain any LIME. To reiterate it is very important to use Lime free sand as lime raises the pH.

The Soil/Media in which the plant is growing should be kept only slightly moist. It is better to err on the dry side than the wet side with this species. You must use either collected rain water or distilled water, mixed with apple cider vinegar at a rate of 1 fluid oz of vinegar to 1 US gallon of water. Allow plant to dry out slightly between waterings. This solution should be used each time you water. Occasional rain out of doors is Okay. However, if you have heavy or abundant summer rainfall in your area, it is best to keep this potted plant out of the rain. The point to keep in mind here is not to let the plant stay consistently wet so that it rots and to water with apple cider vinegar to maintain it’s acidity.”

Hope this helps.