Re: Flower longevity in 'Ulla Silkens'

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 25 Juni, 2003 um 01:19:37

Antwort auf: Flower longevity in 'Ulla Silkens' von Barry Tattersall am 24 Juni, 2003 um 11:56:11:

I had two Ulla Silkens plants (Frosch) for the first time this Spring. They bloomed in rainy, cool (60 - 65f) conditions and the blooms lasted about 6 days before they became unattractive. Considering the amount of rain, I was pleased they lasted for that amount of time.

My Reginae, which bloomed about a week later, had mold growing on the petals 3 days after they opened and the flowers were totally dead in less than a week so my Ulla did better! The darn rain really screwed things up for me here.

By the way, Phillip did best of all and was pretty for almost 2 weeks.



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