Another greenhouse question

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Abgeschickt von Trevor Dines am 20 Juni, 2003 um 16:04:07

Given the recent talk over the benefits of greenhouse cultivation, I'm considering moving my collection into an unheated greenhouse. This is currently used for "ordinary" plants (!) - it receives midday sun, it's sides are full glass, and I use cool-glass to shade it in the summer.

My question is, can such a greenhouse be made suitable for cyps? I can add wooden sides to the greenhouse (up to bench height) and use netting for shading, but will this be sufficient to give the cool, airy conditions the cyps need? The greenhouse is well ventilated with two large windows under the bench and a vent in the roof.

Alternatively, I could construct an open frame in the garden covered with shade netting. Would this be a better option (probably being cooler and letting in some rain and wind)?

Your views would be appreciated,
Trevor Dines


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