Re: germinating seeds

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 19 Juni, 2003 um 16:35:20

Antwort auf: germinating seeds von Anthony Darby am 19 Juni, 2003 um 11:09:32:

Well there are as many possibilities as there are sowers around. I myself prefer sterile petri dishes and I seal them with parafilm. But I guess that makes sense only if you have access to a good cleanbench and are experienced in sterile culture. If not and if you are working with a glove box in your kitchen then I would probably recomend small glas bottles. With those the medium can be poured into the flask and then be sterilized inside a normal pressure pot. If you drill a hole into the stopper and seal it with cotton-wool you can have gas exchange. I am not sure that gas exchange is necessary but several of my friends claim that the seedlings grow a lot better if there is some gas exchange.




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