My spotted leaf Cyps

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 16 Juni, 2003 um 05:15:33

My sichuanense did not come up this year. Last year the bed was invaded by cedar roots, so I had to lift all plants in the old invaded bed (many flavum were doing very poorly as the result of this invasion) and then I made a new concrete bed. Then I replanted everything. Sichuanense looked like it would be okay and had 2 small buds at the time of movement. So I dug carefully to find it today and discovered the buds had rotted. The roots were healthy and white so I hope it may regenerate a bud. (The flavums are doing wonderfully). These large spotted leaf types (section Trigonopedia) do not like being moved at all once they are happy and established. They are also very stoic. That is, they will endure a lot if left alone, and they must be moved only if the situation is such that death will threaten. My eve overflow and root invasion last year, required movement of fargesii and sichuanense and all of them have not liked it at all. Find a good spot and plant them for life.



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