Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 16 Juni, 2003 um 04:46:56

Antwort auf: Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada von Michael Weinert am 15 Juni, 2003 um 05:40:52:

Hi Ray,

In Europe most (not all) experts have never accepted the lumping of Cyp. parviflorum and its varieties into the Eurasian species Cyp. calceolus, made some 50 years ago or so, because they knew Cyp. calceolus from the wild and the North American types from cultivation. Unfortunately many American botanists followed the lumping, which could not have been based on the morphology of the plants, because they are pretty different from each other if you look at the critical parts, but was obviously based on the superficial color resemblance of many North American forms with the Eurasian species. Cyp. calceolus, by the way, is not a European species but a Eurasian species, which is widely distributed in Northern Asia and many parts of Europe.

I have seen a few very different Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens forms around the Great Lakes, as well as the pretty uniform (more or less) var. makasin in Manitoba and around the Great Lakes. And I have seen a few of these strange Western Cyp. parviflorum growing together with Cyp. montanum in Eastern Washington state, forming the hybrid Cyp. x columbianum. I must say I have no idea what variety these plants are and have to follow the opinion of American colleagues to name them. These plants are unlike most of those I have seen in the Eastern part of the continent. They are not Cyp. calceolus, that's for sure!



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