Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 15 Juni, 2003 um 05:40:52

Antwort auf: Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada von Ray Jennings am 13 Juni, 2003 um 20:35:10:

Hi Ray,

You may be right that the Western Canadian botanists have spent much time in nature studying the plants and that there are many different types of plants. However these botanists may not have seen as many C.calceolus as Peter and me and I can tell you that C.calceolus looks very different to the North American parviflorum complex. There is no C.calceolus in North America, it is a European species! For details please see Werner Frosch's page about C.calceolus in his Cypripedium gallery.

Best regards



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