Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada

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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 13 Juni, 2003 um 20:35:10:

Antwort auf: Re: no C. calceolus in Western Canada von Peter Corkhill am 13 Juni, 2003 um 15:20:20:

Thanks for the references.

As suspected everything is lumped together and I doubt that any in depth research has been done out here. His findings are too vague to be of use. Talking about 'Western North America' is like making a vague statement 'about Europe'.
I suppose I'll give more credit to the botanists who live in Western Canada and write the Lone Pine series, etc. They use 'C. calceolus' and have certainly spent more time in Nature studying the actual plants.

Perhaps there are some local papers I can find when I visit the university in Vancouver.


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