What's up in Huanglong? Part 1 (with photos)

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 13 Juni, 2003 um 19:32:58

Dear Cypripedium friends on the forum,

From time to time I will present you some current photos of Cypripediums taken in the wild, mainly in the Huanglong reserve, with a few notes on how they grow.

Cyp. bardolphianum, thin humus pocket under shrubs on limestone tufa, 3150 m, Huanglong reserve, 3 June 2003


Cyp. henryi, open shrub on metamorphic scree, 2250 m, Huanglong reserve, 2 June 2003


Cyp. sichuanense, beside a trail on a steep limestone slope with open forest, 2250 m, Huanglong reserve, 2 June 2003



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