Re: Short growing season

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 10 Juni, 2003 um 00:22:24

Antwort auf: Short growing season von Billy Benson am 09 Juni, 2003 um 09:30:41:


I bring in my potted cyps starting end of January and all are in by March 1st. If your pubescens blossomed March 31, it is 2 months ahead of schedule and thinks it is now August 9th. It is normal to have some yellowing of the leaves but the plant should not be dormant for another 6 weeks (equivilant to mid-September)so it might not be HEALTHY!

Make sure you have not over watered it and please carefully check the roots to make sure they are not turning black and rotting.

There should also be a small shoot forming for next year.

Let me know!



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